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Born in Olean, NY in 1965, Kevin showed signs of musical ability as a very small child. He was drawn to musical instruments from the moment he could walk. Many children bang on the piano... but Kevin could bang on it with style. Kevin got his first guitar when he was 12, by age 13 he was playing in local bars and clubs with musicians three times his age. His parents would drive him to the shows and then wait in the car, listening to the music across the parking lot, to take him home. Kevin attended Olean High School, where he distinguished himself as a musician playing a variety of instruments and quickly showing his musical skills.

After graduating from High School, Kevin attended the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. Kevin once again demonstrated his musical abilities rising to be one of the schools top guitarists. After graduating, Berklee asked Kevin to stay on board, but this time as an instructor. After college Kevin teamed up with fellow Berklee student Paula Cole. He also toured with Johnatha Brooke & the Story as well as Mary Chapin Carpenter. Kevin has recorded with hundreds of musicians and performs frequently both regionally in New England and nationally.


It's hard to pinpoint any one style of music or any one band as the major influence. As America evolved to be a melting pot of cultures, we have also become a melting pot of musical styles. Some are easy to identify like the blues or straight ahead jazz. Others are harder to pin down. Artists like Ry Cooder fused American roots music such as blues, country, zydeco, and rock to create a unique sound. I like to infuse different elements from many of these same genres to create my own sound.


Since I was a kid Blues and all sorts of roots music was the thing that turned me on the most. BB King and Clarence Gatemouth Brown were my earliest guitar heros, along with soul and R&B players like Cornell Dupree and Eric Gale. Blues continues to be one of my greatest influences.

Early Country

I Love old country and bluegrass, There's a power and honesty in this music that has always moved me. I can't even begin to list all the artists I love but a few are Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, The Stanley Brothers the Louvin Brothers,Merle Haggard and George Jones of course and so many more.


From Little Richard and Chuck Berry to the Stones, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, blues driven Rock & Roll has been a major influence. My earliest influces were bands like The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Little Feat.


I was first introduced to jazz while playing with some older musicians who turned me on to Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Joni Mithcell, Pat Methany and Lyle Mays. As a student at Berklee College of Music I was exposed to a new world of jazz artists such as Kenny Burrell, Wes Montgomery, Ed Bickert and George Benson.

Tex Mex

I love the traditional music of the southwest and it often finds its way into my music. Artists like Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm and the Texas Tornados and of course Los Lobos.

Root & Folk

I have been fortunate enough to play with some of the country’s top singer song writers in the roots / folk scene. Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Ray LaMontagne, Lori McKenna and several others.


Session / Recording / Touring Guitarist
Specializing in lap steel, pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitar.

Lap steel
Pedal Steels

Session, Recording and Touring Guitarist

Specializing in lap steel, pedal steel, acoustic & electric guitar.